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Let it Grow is an initiative that aims to make flowers and plants a crucial part of the urban green movement in order to create happier and healthier city lives.

Improving city life

Let it Grow is a platform that facilitates entrepreneurs, urban idealists, and artists in bringing their green innovations to life. We're a catalyst for the urban green movement, exposing what’s possible and encouraging both city dwellers to take plants and flowers beyond their traditional definitions. We believe in the value of plants and flowers to ensure happier and healthier city living.

Our work

As a platform for innovators working with plants and flowers, we map urban green initiatives from around the world in our Directory and share the stories of their founders in our Journal. In the Let it Grow Lab, we facilitate green innovations with a five-month Incubation Programme, offer workspaces, organise events, and provide access to our extensive network in the floriculture sector and startup world.

Making people aware of the value of flowers and plants.

We accelerate the urban green movement and invite everyone with an interest in plants and flowers to join us. Spread the movement by sharing your vision for a greener city using the hashtag #weletitgrow on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. Together, we can work towards building future-proof cities.